Our Services

Our Services

Do not lose money waiting on vehicle service. Get your truck to Twin Peaks today and back on the road on time!


Do you want to tow up mountain passes at 75 MPH with the A/C on and a 12K LB trailer with power to spare? We can custom design performance service package to fit your exact needs.

We our own diesels in very different ways to cover all the possible uses our customers will encounter. Testing new products on our own company vehicles allows us to know what works and what doesn't.

Twin Peaks Diesel

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Our convenient fleet programs designed to take the stress out of vehicle maintenance. Our fleet maintenance programs include:

  • 1.

    Automated Budget Control

  • 2.

    Inspection of All Vital Operating Components

  • 3.

    Maximum Performance Indicators (MPI)

  • On Demand Service

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • After-Market Parts Resourced for A Better Repair-OEM Quality or Better

  • 4.

    Archive Data Per Vehicle

  • History of Service & Dot Compliant Reports

  • Cost-Efficiency Report

  • Parts Replacement and Maintenance Record

  • 5.

    Priority VIP Service

  • All Parts Washed Before Being Reinstalled

  • Windshield Sticker Service Reminder

  • 6.

    Authorized Fleet Maintenance Management

  • 7.

    Standard Fleet Benefits

  • Calculated for The Year and Prorated as A Monthly Assessment. Adjusted Every 6 Months

  • Ask About Our Flex Billing Account.

  • 8.

    Free Dot Inspection with ABC Contract

  • 9.

    Paperless Communications

  • Email Service Reminders Available

  • Email Invoicing

  • On Account Billing with Approved Credit

  • Credit Card Payments Accepted

  • Auto-Reply to All Inquiries

Twin Peaks Diesel

Repair – Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance stands out when compared to other shops. We are known for our values , we do not do lazy fix or charge for labor or diagnostic work that is unnecessary.Our team of technicians are knowledgeable , certified, and have years of hands on experience in the industry. When it comes to rates, we are extremely competitive and offer FLEX BILLING which allows you to budget for repairs in advance of service.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
  • We call for approval on all work to be performed that has not been authorized.

  • We get the right part on the first repair.

  • We perform reliable repairs that stick.

  • We scan vehicle computers and check engine lights.

  • We run computer-aided system tests.

  • We can do anything a dealership can do but at a much lower cost.

  • We can now FLASH factory computers; one of just a few independent shops in the front range that can do so!

Twin Peaks Diesel
Twin Peaks Diesel

For reliability, economy, and power and performance, choose Twin Peaks Diesel.

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